Due to the balmy Toronto weather conditions we, along with many of our enthusiastic neighbours, have decided to partake in the age old Canadian custom of celebrating winter with bursting pipes and flooding! We are in the midst of repairs which involves many hardworking, swarthy men tearing things down, drying stuff and hopefully putting us back together within a decent amount of time. Hopefully our neighbours dealing with similar issues have contractors that are as swarthy and swift as ours - we wish you a fast and full recovery.

We will keep everyone posted as to when we will once again tear open the shutters, throw up the sash and open our doors to this surmountable winter season via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We thank everyone for their support and concern and apologize for any inconveniences caused by this short-term closure. We're looking forward to your next visit to Ascari Enoteca but in the meantime, feel free to check out our sister restaurant, Table 17, down the street at 782 Queen St East, 416.519.1851